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CLAMP Last Icon Maker Standing Contest

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Hello and welcome to clamp_lims, a CLAMP LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) contest. We are your hosts for this adventure, chibikaitou and soifon.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of LIMS icontests, it is basically an icon making contest where participants commit for one round at a time and a few participants are voted off each week. The original idea of LIMS was thought up by disney_hush and we are basing clamp_lims similarly to animanga_lims so wonderfully maintained by tokyonoir and silverqe. ♥
♥ Process
LIMS are held in rounds. At the beginning of each round, we will hold sign ups for participants. Those who pledge to participate are committed to entering an icon for each challenge during that round. Every week, we will post a challenge that each participant must make an icon for. During voting, voters will pick their favorites and least favorites. At the end of the voting period, votes will be tallied and those with the most number of least favorite votes will be eliminated.

Weekly challenges will be held until we are down to the last icon maker. That individual will be the winner of the round and will be showered with dazzling praise and prizes. Exciting, eh?
♥ General Rules
1. You must be a member of the community to participate and vote. You should also watch the community to keep up with deadlines.

2. An integral part of a LIMS contest is the comments/criticism each icon maker will receive. During voting, voters are asked to provide a reason for their vote (whether they are voting for a favorite or least favorite). Keep in mind that some of the comments might not be positive. Please do not complain if you get a negative comment or get voted out. If you cannot take criticism well, then you should consider not participating.

3. Please be courteous to fellow members, whether you are a participant or a voter. Rude behavior will not be tolerated.

4. Icons you make for this community must be new and not advertised until results are posted.

5. Each participant is allowed one skip during each round. If you have used your skip and miss a deadline, you will be automatically eliminated. So please be sure to keep up with deadlines!

6. Please include your favorite CLAMP work somewhere in your sign up comment, which will be the keyphrase for Round 2.
♥ Timeline
1. Sunday Midnight EST - Weekly challenge posted
2. Wednesday Midnight EST - Reminder post
3. Friday Midnight EST - Submissions closed & Voting posted
4. Sunday 10PM EST - Voting closed & Results announced
♥ Submission
1. Every week on Sundays, the theme for the challenge will be posted. The theme could be image, lyrical, word, or something special.

2. Regardless of the theme, you must make an icon with images from a CLAMP series. No exceptions!

3. To submit your icon for the challenge, reply to the submission post like so:

Chobits - Chii
Credit (optional): zephia, silverqe

4. If you wish to replace a previous entry with a new icon, do NOT delete your old entry. Simply make a new comment and indicate that this is the correct entry.

5. The submission deadline will be strictly enforced. If you do not submit on time, you will be forced to use your skip. If you run out of skips, you will be disqualified automatically and removed from the competition.

6. If for some reason you have to go away for an extended period of time, contact one of the mods.
♥ What counts as CLAMP?
A great question was raised by chrysa. What counts as CLAMP?

As we all know, CLAMP has been invovled in so many things. So hopefully the following will clear some things up:

All anime and manga works done by CLAMP since they were a 4-person group, starting with RG Veda, counts. Series CLAMP has done illustrations for counts as well, for example Souryuuden and Code Geass. For series like Souryuuden, the manga art counts but not the anime (since I don't think CLAMP did the designs for Souryuuden anime). For series like Code Geass, the anime art counts since that's what CLAMP did the character designs for. Code Geass CLAMP character sketches also count. Geass caps are also okay, but Geass manga is NOT okay.
♥ Voting
1. Every week after submissions close, voting will commence. All members are encouraged to vote. Please be sure to join the community if you would like to vote.

2. Each voting session consists of least favorite icons and favorite icons. The number of icons you need to vote for depends on the number of participants left over.

3. You must provide a reason for your votes. For example, "I like the use of the lighting texture to make the girl stand out more." Please give constructive criticism whether you are voting for a least favorite or favorite icon(s). Reasons such as "I don't like your icon" is not helpful and your vote will be voided.

4. Please choose icons based on overall quality and effort instead of the fact that your favorite character or color is on the icon. Please try to be as fair and unbiased as possible.
♥ Results
1. Results will be posted after voting has closed. After each challenge, some participants will be eliminated from the competition. The icon(s) with the most number of "least favorite" votes will be eliminated.

2. Each week, the icon with the most number of "favorite" votes will receive the Best Overall title and receive a banner.

3. Also, each week, there will be a Mod's Choice icon, awarded to the icon that we, the mods, think is the most unique. The Mod's Choice icon will also receive a banner.

4. In each results post, a tally of votes for everyone will be revealed, indicated by the number of the icon. Participants can also ask for comments that went along with the voting. To do so, simply reply to the results post and a screened comment will be made with all the comments for the icon.
♥ Prizes
At the end of each round, a winner will be announced. To reward the talented individual who has survived through many weeks of challenges and voting, he/she will be showered with shiny prizes. In addition to the cash prizes listed below, the first and second place winners will receive a nice banner to display in their journal ^__^

For first place (choose from one of the following):

• Paid account or extra userpics for a total of $15
• A free domain registered for ONE year PLUS hosting (includes space, bandwidth, MySQL, etc) PLUS a fully coded layout by soifon or chibikaitou

For second place (choose from one of the following):

• Free hosting (includes space, bandwidth, MySQL, etc) for an existing domain OR free subdomain @ soifon's or chibikaitou's domains with hosting
• A fully coded layout by soifon or chibikaitou
• LiveJournal header + friends only banner + fully coded profile layout
• 10 icons of winner's choice by soifon or chibikaitou

Samples of our work:
soifon: icon journal; domain
chibikaitou: icon journal; domain
♥ Past Winners
Round 1: kotae
Round 2: faintscribbles
♥ Questions?
This might be really confusing so if that is the case, you can read the FAQs. You can also reply to that post with any additional questions you may have if your question isn't already answered there.
♥ Affiliation
If you run a LIMS or icontest of some sort and would like to affiliate, please let us know at the affiliation post! Just drop a comment there and indicate where we can let you know when we have your link up. We will pimp all new affiliates in the subsequent post and would appreciate if you can do that as well!

teishoku_battle **
vgames_lims **

Affiliates list last updated: September 1, 2007
** new affiliate

Link exchange: bishounenawards

Listed at: The LIMS Listing

Pending affiliation: nana_awards; clampchorus

♥ Resources
There are plenty of places that offer CLAMP images. If you're looking for images, below are some good sources that we've compiled. Also, if you're looking for a specific image, contact soifon. She's a CLAMP library of sorts :P

Aethereality; Digik; AnimePaper; La Galerie; ladydarkmoon; sasmira; aurealia; Clamp no Lumiere, Be With You Scans; The Room of Requirement; Shiny Trash; Animextremist; Sumeragi.net; Tsubasachronicle.net

If you know of a place that's not listed here, let us know by commenting at the most recent post. Thanks!
♥ Thanks
A big thanks to the following people for making this happen! *hugs and kisses*

tokyonoir - for your expert advice
boutique - for giving us clamp_lims
reversescollide - for the layout CSS
...and of course, CLAMP for the best manga I've ever read!